New Effects

Several new and revised effects, including magnetic bullet ricochet and generic rocket boot addons that are compatible with marvel legends figures!  Check them out in the galleries today!

eBay listings Sunday August 2, 3:00 PM PST

Reminder that eBay listings are going up today starting at 3 PM PST.

The following items will be in this wave and will be listed at these times.

Glow Kamehameha + stand - 3:05 PM PST 

New style Kamehameha +stand - 3:07 PM PST 

Galick Gun + stand - 3:10 PM PST 

Rasenshuriken + stand - 3:12 PM PST 

Rasenshuriken fox ver. + stand - 3:15 PM PST 

Rasenshuriken x Amaterasu + stand - 3:17 PM PST

Bullet ricochet effects yellow and silver - 3:20 PM PST 

The eBay account these will be listed under is Canofbeams.  


New Effects

I've produced several new effects for the Marvel Legends line.

An effects set for Iron Fist, an ice blast effect for Iceman, and two different blast effects for Cyclops.  

Check them out now in the effect galleries!


New eBay listings up now, more coming, and development updates

I've listed a few pieces on the eBay page tonight, and more will follow throughout the weekend.  

There are several new pieces going up for the first time this weekend, some of which have not before.  Two of them are up now, a revisited effect for D-Arts Venusaur, and an effect piece for SHMA Gamera.  

I also now have the SH Figuarts Sasuke Uchiha on hand, and development of additional effect pieces for him has already begun.

I've also revisited an older piece, for D-Arts Venusaur, which you can find on eBay now. 




Hey everybody,

First off, I want to thank everyone for the interest following the site relaunch.  

So far, response has been about 4 times what I was expecting, so that's been just awesome and crazy.  Right now the site is seeing over 250 page views a day, with over 1000 unique visitors in less than a month.  

Because of the volume of incoming orders, particularly on the eBay front, I'm going to have to close off commissions until I get everything processed through, as well as delay the next full rotation of eBay listings for a few days.

The planned rotation is going to feature the following pieces








And the new G-10

There's also new page for submitting suggestions regarding future effect development, eBay listings, or site modifications.

New Effect

A new effect has been added to the Kaiju section.  

New Effects Added

Three new pieces have been added to the site!  Check them out!

Also, more pieces are going up on the eBay page later today.  

Welcome to the new Can of Beams

More functional, more informative, and I like it!

For those of you that are new to, I produce custom made effect pieces and display bases for figures, model kits, whatever you want them for.  For those who've been here before, there have been some changes. 

With the new site there are new features.  There is also a new system for purchasing my custom effect pieces, and for commissioning custom work.  

This blog page -  This page will be used to inform you of upcoming projects, display new work, as well as feature relevant content and original content relevant to my projects, and the toy collecting hobby.

Effect Piece Runs - Going forward, there will be a selection of effects available for direct purchase via our eBay page.  These pieces will be on rotation, and will be of a limited quantity. Rotation will occur around the 1st and 15th of the month.  

Commissions - The site now features a Commissions page.  This page details the commission process, and displays the current status of commission acceptance.  In the past, I'd often get in a position of accepting too many commissions simultaneously, which overcomplicated and slowed down a lot of things, so going forward there will be a limited amount of commission slots available.  A new slot will open the moment a previous commission has been completed.  There will be 5 slots available to start.  For more information on commissions, go to the Commissions page.  

Effect Piece Gallery - New site, new gallery.  This section will display a sample of effect pieces that I have produced and offer, as well as pricing and details on each piece.  Those of you who frequented the old site may notice some pieces from the old gallery that are missing from the new gallery.  Some of those pieces, those with very low demand, are being removed so as to not clutter the page.  Others are simply too outdated, and will return once I improve and redesign them.  These pieces can still be produced on request, however, those that I feel need to be redesigned will not be produced in their old style.  The quality of pieces I produce has done nothing but improve, and I want to produce better pieces for you.