Sale - 8/24/18 - 5 PM PST

Here's what will be for sale this Friday, 8/24/18 on at 5pm pst


Blaster Set - 6 piece set - Red - $20


Blaster Set - 6 piece set - Blue - $20


Saber Trails - 4 pieces per set, available in Red, Blue, or Green - $17 per set


Tingle Type 1 - Fluorescent - $8


Aside from those, the Model M Multibases and other base products are available now.


There will be another sale the following Friday that will feature some of the accumulated B Grade pieces from this year, and some other pieces.

MultiBases return this Thursday

The Model M MultiBases will return to the shop this Thursday, 8-16-18.

They will be made to order and will be available solid from here on it. 

The next general sale will be Friday, 8-24-18

Details for that sale will be coming over this weekend.

June Pre-Orders will begin shipping shortly.

All items from the late June pre-orders will be shipping out shortly.  As such, pre-orders have been closed for the model m bases, and they will reopen following the pre-order shipments as a made to order item.  

Pre-orders opening this week! - Friday 6-22-18 at 5 pm PST

There are going to be three items going up for pre-order this Friday at 5PM PST on the shop.

Energy Blade - $20 - Limit 2 per person

Energy Shield - (Blue, pink, and green options available)- $15 per

Model M Multibases - $4.25 per base or 5 for $20 - NOTE:  These are just the bases, no stands or other accessories are included with them.  

These preorder items will have a projected shipping period between late July to early August.  

Sale Today - 6-08-18 - 5 PM PST

A large batch of Energy Scythe effects are going up for order today on the shop page at 5 pm pst. 

They will be limited to a maximum of 2 per person.  Any orders exceeding 2 will be partially refunded and adjusted down to 2.  

Price - $35.

Also, anyone who is found buying these to scalp will be banned from future sales, permanently.  
Lets try to keep this fair for everyone.  


Sale Today - 5PM PST

There will be a bunch of pieces going up for sale today at 5PM PST in the Shop page.  
This is not a preorder sale.  These items will ship within the next week.  Quantities will be limited.  

Here's what will be up for order.  

Optic effects set - $30 - set of 3 pieces

Energy Shields (Pink or Blue) - $15/piece

Blaster Set - $20 - 6 pieces/set

Sonar effect - $7

UniBase - 5 Pack - $12.50

MiniBase Type 1 - 5 Pack - $10

MiniBase Type 2 - 5 Pack - $5


More new work