You can find a selection of my effects for sale on eBay by clicking the button on the right.

The selection of pieces that will be offered on eBay will rotate twice a month, around the 1st and 15th.  

All the effects I produce are made by hand, and as such, every piece will be unique, posessing a new sculpt following the common design.  

Pieces are generally produced following the receipt of an order.  Pieces will be produced in the order that orders are received.  Production time varies from piece to piece, but expect up to 1-2 days per piece.

If you would like to order a piece that is not currently offered on my eBay page, or would like to inquire about having a new custom design made for you, then please see the section below on commissioning me for work.    


If you would like to order a piece that is currently not in rotation on my eBay page, or would like to inquire about having a new custom design produced, you should contact me regarding a commission using the form to the right.  

New commissions will only be accepted when there are open commission slots available.  There are 5 commission slots total, and the amount of current open slots is indicated to the right of this page.  

 A new slot will open the moment a previous commission has been completed.  

If there are no commission slots available, feel free to submit your request anyway.  We can begin discussing your request, and I can notify you when a slot becomes available.  

Commissions will be accepted at my discretion.  



When having a piece made, you will have have several color options, and depending on the piece the option of adding a glow in the dark effect.  

Color options include:








Black (dark tint)

Some pieces will allow for an interior color in addition to the exterior colors.  This creates a nice overlapping color effect, but should be done logically.  You want to choose an interior color that is complimentary to the exterior color, and can come through without being blocked or transformed.  


Glow in the dark effect options include:

Light blue




Not all glow colors will have the same brightness or duration.  A glow in the dark core will not be transparent, and will add a pale interior to a piece. 




Payment for commissions will be handled via paypal invoicing.  This affords you standard paypal buyer protection.

Construction on a commission will only begin following the receipt of payment.



Shipping within the US is done via USPS first class mail.  I am willing to ship via alternative shipping speeds or services on request, but the buyer will be responsible for all shipping and handling costs.

I will ship internationally to most countries, including but not limited to:  Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico.  

Some international orders may require special shipping precautions.  



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