Claw Kit Style 2 Available Now!

Do you like options? I like options. An alternate style of claws is now available on the shop page, giving you more options for how to display your figures!

nc 3.jpg

Delay for some orders

I have some bad news. Last week, there was an unexpected and catastrophic failure with a key piece of equipment, and after several days of attempting to repair the equipment it has been determined that the equipment cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

What this means for outstanding orders - Currently, it looks like I have everything I need to fill outstanding orders for every order that does not contain the shockwave effects set or Unibase base sets. This means that there will be a delay of one to three weeks on those while I wait for the new custom equipment to be produced and shipped to me.

I apologize for the inconvenience. If anyone has an order containing those items and would not like to wait you may request a refund and I will grant it.

Made to Order Items (except claws) temporarily locked

There’s been an exceedingly high number of orders placed in the last two weeks, and made to order items, except for the claw kit, will be temporarily unavailable until the current order load has been processed down to a more manageable level.

Your patience is appreciated.

New Made to Order Items being added today

There will be some new made to order items going up on the shop today at 5 pm pst/8pm est, and some of the current made to order items will be cycled out.

See the graphics below for a list of what is being added and what is being cycled out.

added sep 4.png

I’m planning to do these sorts of cycling refreshes to the made to order items every couple months or so. The only made to order items that will for sure never be cycled out are bases and flight stand adapters.

Introducing the Claw Kit

Introducing the Claw Kit, an unofficial stainless steel upgrade kit that is compatible with Hasbro Marvel Legends Wolverine figures.

These pieces install to the existing sockets the figures have, and require no modification or glue to use, while offering a better visual aesthetic and maintaining their position and alignment better than the original pieces.

These pieces will be available starting today at 5 PM PST on

They will be $13 for a full set of 6 claws.

Installation instruction video below.

Made to Order Items Now Available

The made to order items are back on the shop, plus a limited time bonus item. If you buy the Model M 5 pack you will receive a free Obitsu Multistand for each 5 pack purchased, while supplies last.

made to order return 2.PNG

Temporary Stop on Made to Order Items

Due to the large volume of orders, I am instituting a temporary stop on made to order items, such as bases and adapters.

Once the current orders are taken care of or are far enough along towards being fulfilled, those items will return to the store.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.