Open Order Submissions - Sunday 11-01-2015 3 PM to 4 PM PST

I will be accepting open orders for my custom work this Sunday, November 1, from 3 pm to 4 pm PST (California Time).  

At 3 PM PST on Sunday, a form will be posted on the home page.   This form will be used to submit your order request.  

For this order period, you will be able to choose from these pieces

C-05 Bullet ricochet pieces
- qty. 5 - $18
- qty. 10 -$30

- $27.50 with obitsu stand

~4 in - $7.50
~7 in - $10
~11 in - $16

- 3 blasts - $28.50 with stand
- 5 blasts - 32.50 with stand

- $18.50 with obitsu stand.

- yellow/orange ver. - $21- sized for figma stand
- blue/white ver. -$22 - sized for figma stand


DYN-01 - Blood effect pieces

and blood effects will be available in the following assortments. 

Blood Pack - $25
Spray x1
Spurt x1
Exit Wound x3

Wound Pack - $12
Exit Wound x 3

Gusher Pack - $17
Spray x1
Spurt x1 

Blood pieces can be attached via temporary adhesives, such as blu tack and wax.  (Not Included)

Simply list the pieces you would like and the quanitities with your submission including your paypal associated email address.  

This order wave will ship between late November to early December.   

Submissions will be processed in the order that they are received.  Response may take between 1-3 hours, as I will have to address each submission individually in turn.

Submissions received after 4 PM PST will not be accepted.  

Responses to submissions will possibly be filtered out to your spam folder, so be watchful of that.

Payment will be handled via paypal invoicing, so please include your paypal associated email address with your submission.