PRE-ORDERS - Shock Wave Set - CLOSED

Please follow our pages for future updates on availability.


$18 per set, + shipping and handling.  
To preorder the Shock Wave Set, fill out the submission form below.  

Responses will come to your email, confirming your pre-order and notifying you of your order number and estimated shipping window.  

Submissions must be processed manually, so responses will not be immediate.  Please be patient.  

The terms of the orders are listed below.  

Payment will be handled through paypal invoicing. That means I will send you an invoice through paypal, which you will then use to pay through paypal. Payment will be due within 48 hours of the invoice or it will be cancelled.

Only the specified item or items will be available to preorder. Do not ask for other items to be added in, they will not be.

Everyone who receives an order confirmation will be given a number. Items will ship starting from order one and working its way up when they are ready. You will get a specific shipping estimate depending on your number. That estimate may change barring unforeseen circumstances and those changes will be announced on all my pages if they were to occur.

DO - Wait until the estimated shipping range has passed or nearly passed before contacting me with concerns.

DO NOT - Send me messages demanding progress updates before the estimated shipping range. I will make posts regarding when I've shipped through certain order numbers.  

If you have some other concern, such as needing a change in shipping address, or need to cancel, please, do message me. 

I reserve the right to cancel any orders at my discretion should that action seem necessary.