Next Sale - Sunday June 11, 2017 - 4 PM PST

The next sale will be tomorrow, 06/11/17 at 4 PM PST on the canofbeams eBay page.

Here is the link to the page…

Here is what will be for sale.

Jim Lee clip on Optic Beam - standard - $12

Jim Lee clip on Optic Splash - $13

Jim Lee clip on Optic flare - $5

The optic blast pieces fit into the visor slot on the new Hasbro Jim Lee style Cyclops marvel legends figure. It is sized to fit that figure and that figure alone.  

These pieces fit by gently clipping in to the visor lens slot on the figure's visor.  The buyer should be careful to only attach it this way, as forcing it on another way may cause the piece to scrape against the visor in undesirable ways.  


Please note:  The splash piece features a flared out end with a curve that should fit nicely against most other marvel legends figures.  Being long and heavier than the other optic effects, this piece will be slightly more prone to instability.  It was designed to be placed against a figure or object cyclops would be shooting, which would add support.