Sale Today - 4PM PST 7PM EST

The next sale will be going up today on the canofbeams eBay page at 4pm pst (west coast time zone), 7pm EST (east coast time) The following items will be included in the sale:

Link to the page:
Optic Blast - $12
Optic flare - $5
Optic splash - $13

There will also be some wlquantity set aside as full sets of the 3 for $30.

Impact set - $15 with both the regular impact piece and the bigger "high impact" piece.

Hard punch set - $15 - two pieces left and right
Please be ready to go before the time hits. 
Please try to pay for all the items you order together. Immediate payment is not required, so when you commit to buy you got one. Not doing so really complicates parts of the shipping process, and I am still incurring fees on the refunded shipping costs. 
Thank you