I'm Back! Sale this Sunday 8-13-17 at 4 PM PST

Here is a list everything that is going to be for sale starting at 4 PM PST this Sunday on the canofbeams eBay page here:

Krackle effects - 4 PM PST
- Medium sized wrist slot, fit for the common male marvel legends buck, available in standard and round versions. Will be sold individually and in pairs of one standard and one round of the same color. Colors available are blue, yellow, and purple. 
Single - $11.50
Pair - $22

Optic Blast effects for Jim Lee cyclops - 4:02 PM PST. 
Full set of 3 - $30. 
Basic blast - $12. 
Splash - $13. 
Flare - $5

Z Flares - 4:04 pm PST -Made for SHF DBZ figures, medium sized wrist slot, will not fit the smaller figures in the line (like gohan and frieza) or Beerus (with his godlike but tiny wrists), pieces for those figures will come later. These will be sold in pairs
Each pair - $12

Spider Sense "Tingle" - 4:04 pm pst -solid yellow
- $9.

This is going to be a large sale, as there is a wide variety of pieces in several color variations, but pieces will still go quickly, so be ready to go and logged in prior to 4 pm los angeles time.

These items will ship out by next friday.