Open Pre-Orders - Friday January 19, starting at 5 PM PST - Grand opening of the Can of Beams web store!

Tomorrow, Friday, January 19 starting at 5 PM PST (Los Angeles Time) there will be open pre-orders for five items.  This is also the first time that orders will be fully processed through the web shop!  Add to cart, paypal checkout, automatic order notifications, the whole deal!

The items will appear on the shop page located here -  

These are the five items that will be available for pre-order.  

MiniBase - Type 1 - 5 pack - $10


MiniBase - Type 2 - 5 pack - $5

Mini Blood Pack 1 - set of 3 pieces - $15


Mini Blood Pack 2 - set of 3 pieces - $15


Sonic Shock Wave Effect Piece - $10

Some of these items will begin shipping next week, others later on.  They will each have their projected shipping periods listed on their item pages.